Bathroom Reno Reveal

We’ve been working on our bathroom remodel for months and I’m finally ready to show off the results! You can read about the progress here and here.  It used to be a cramped, dysfunctional, outdated space with absolutely no storage and I’m so be pleased with how how it all turned out… totally fresh and  functional with tons of storage and not short on charm either.

We exposed the brick around the window. We also added three niches in the walls around the vanity. I really love all the rustic accents that were all actually originally there, we just needed to expose them and add a little TLC.

The most indecisive part of this project was what to do about a vanity. Most of the options were either big and bulky and too deep for the space, or too small, or too boring, or too expensive. I had originally designed my own that we were going to build ourselves (or hire someone else to build it). Then I found this, which is actually a console table, but the dimensions were perfect and I loved how it sat off the floor so there would be room for your toes, and that the drawers were on the bottom and the open shelves were on the top which allowed space for the plumbing. I bought the vessel sink and some baskets for storage and now it’s my vanity! We are getting a stone counter top cut and then it will be complete. I think it turned out great and now I have a custom unique piece – sometimes you have to get creative and use what works best for your space. Think outside the box!




More photos of the wall niches. The shelves are reclaimed wood from the demo that we cut up and applied a sealer.



The paint color is Benjamin Moore “Normandy.” There’s a myth about painting small spaces darker colors and it’s not true! Dark walls can actually do the opposite of what you’d expect because it causes the walls to visually recede and make a small room feel bigger. I love this color and the contrast it brings against the fresh bright tile and the wood accents.

We completely replaced the trims around the window, but we made sure to match the original style, even the little square corner pieces match back to the molding in the rest of the house. The piece of wood on the top was there when we exposed the wall… so we left it. I like the natural rustic wood and the character is adds. Old is new :)









The floor was the easiest decision. I saw this tile way before we even started the project and knew I wanted it. It was a little expensive, but that is the benefit of designing a small space – it leaves a little room to splurge on better materials because you don’t need as much. It was a bit of a pain to install but I think well worth the effort, I love the mosaic design and the colors and because the tiles are so tight together there are hardly any grout lines to get dirty!

Do you like my rug? Don’t be afraid to use a rug instead of a bath mat. They are more durable and made to withstand more than a few damp feet.





I used to have a cramped coffin-like standing shower. I couldn’t fit a full sized bathtub so this smaller tub is the perfect solution and even at 46.5″ it actually feels quite spacious.




For the shower walls we used classic white subway tile with a light grey grout. I like the color contrast and it will look cleaner longer than white grout. We also added three niches in the wall with arabesque tile for a little added detail.



Because I have super high ceilings and don’t like to waste an inch of space we created a pretty large storage cubby above the shower. Of course it’s not easily accessible for every day items but it’s perfect for extra linens and toilettries or out of season items. You can never have too much storage! We added a piece of wood across the front and stained it to match the reclaimed wood on the shelves and window.



Fact: I’m a bit obsessed with light fixtures. I think they are beautiful and of course practical, so even in the shower I couldn’t resist adding a light that was still a little special. It was actually a but challenging to find a unique light that is also CUL listed. It’s important to note when shopping for a shower light you should look for items noted as UL or UL/CUL listed. These products are the safest bets for showers, kitchens, or any other area that might be exposed to moisture. This one fit the bill and with a bit of a nautical vibe I thought it added a little something extra to the shower space.

For the main part of the bathroom I chose a crystal flush mount. Lighting is like the jewelry of a room, it is the finishing touch that pulls all the pieces together, and I like a little bling – even in the bathroom! I also strongly believe in dimmers (in every room) and for the bathroom as well. I like the option especially at night and they are super easy to install.



So that’s my new bathroom! And just for fun, here are some “before” photos:

Bathroom "before"

Bathroom “before”


I hope you like my new bathroom and were inspired for your next project. Below I will recap everything I chose in case you want to look for yourself.



Crystal Flush Mount Light

Canarm Alice 2 Light Flush Mount

Nautical Shower Light | Travista Design

Designers Fountain Round Bulkhead with Guard

Blue Rustic Custom Vanity | Travista Design

Safavieh Annabelle Console Table

Clear Black Vessel Sink | Travista Design

Kraus Clear Black Glass Vessel Sink and Sheven Faucet

Seagrass Baskets | Travista Design

Household Essentials Seagrass Baskets

Flower Shower Curtain | Travista Design

Lush Decor Flower Drop Ivory / Blue Shower Curtain

Plum/Multi Striped Rug | Travista Design

Versatile Foundations Theo Rug, Plum/Multi

Cosmo Magnifying Wall Mirror | Travista Design

Better Living Products Bath Cosmo 8″ Mirror

Marble Mosaic Tile | Travista Design

Jeffrey Court Windswept 13 in. x 13 in. Marble Mosaic Tile

Abaresque Tile | Travista Design

Merola Lantern Tile


4 thoughts on “Bathroom Reno Reveal

  1. Hey there! I followed you over from AT (I’m the girl with the brick wall). I wanted to see how your exposed brick turned out and damn, it looks GREAT! You and I seem to be similar: We’ve got the brick love going on, I too am of the thinking that dark colors recede and therefore are just fine for small spaces, and I’m also all about the bling – even in the bathroom! I went with a chandelier in my bathroom because that’s how I roll, but I looked at that same sparkly light you used for a small hallway of mine. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Your bathroom looks fabulous :)

    • Thanks so much for checking out our blog and for your comments :) I’m still loving the new bathroom! I’ll have to check in on your other projects ! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of fun things going on at your “crappy house” :)

  2. Hi there! I found your link on your way fair review for the canarm alice 2 light flush mount. I am looking at this light for my daughter’s room in our new home. It is a nice size room (12 x14) and currently has a very boring square light with a very opaque cover that basically obscures the single 60W bulb of light it provides. It is the only light in her room and we need to replace it. I am wondering if this sparkly light will provide sufficient overhead lighting for the entire room? My daughter is only 2 1/2 and she has a bright yellow room with lots of windows, but we obviously need some light when it is dark outside :) What are your thoughts? I appreciate any feedback.

    • Hi Felicia! I think this light would be beautiful for a little girls room, it takes two bulbs and is pretty bright, we have it on a dimmer as well. We also replaced one of those standard round lights with the opaque covers and this light is definitely much brighter. Good luck- and please share if you decide to go forward with it!

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